Todos/Todas/Todes Addendum

In our latest episode, we chat with Dr. Santiago Kalinowski, the Director of the Linguistics Department at the Argentinian Academy of Letters. We get into the topic of lenguaje inclusivo/inclusive language in Spanish.!16a71 Spanish is a “morphologically rich” language… That is to say, unlike English, nouns encode grammatical gender–masculine and feminine–so, any modifying adjectives … Continue reading Todos/Todas/Todes Addendum

Neaux French Left Behind/Bonus 9 Addendum

If you listened to our episode about varieties of French in Louisiana, you might have some questions.!ca0d9 And if you listened to our bonus episode, you might have even more (unless you know a lot about French). (And don't forget to subscribe so you never miss an episode!) How many people speak Louisiana Creole? … Continue reading Neaux French Left Behind/Bonus 9 Addendum

Means Doesn’t Rhyme with New Orleans Addendum

In “Means Doesn’t Rhyme with New Orleans”, we talk with Lisa Sprowls, PhD student at Tulane University about New Orleans English(es), especially Yat and the Garden District dialects, and speakers perception of New Orleans dialects.!38ea0 There were a few jargon-y bits so here’s more info: The distribution of -r When we talk about r-fullness … Continue reading Means Doesn’t Rhyme with New Orleans Addendum

Don’t Mind the Gap Addendum

In “Don’t Mind the Gap”, we speak with Dr. Nelson Flores, Associate Professor of Educational Linguistics at the University of Pennsylvania, about the so-called 30 million word gap.!ce6cf Here is a good starter post about the topic by Dr. Flores on his blog, Educational Linguist. Here is a link to the Sperry et al. (academic) … Continue reading Don’t Mind the Gap Addendum

Calling London Addendum

If you enjoyed our latest episode with Issa Wurie from the Young Free and Coupled podcast, you might want to learn a little bit more about South London grime music and slang. If you haven’t heard it yet, you can find it here.!f5605 Here are some artists Issa mentioned: Stormzy Dizzee Rascal Wiley And … Continue reading Calling London Addendum

Basque-ing in the European Sun Addendum

If you enjoyed our episode on Basque, here is more information on the language. And if you haven't listened to it yet, you can find it here.!6348d Where is Basque spoken? As Dr. Rodríguez-Ordóñez mentioned, it is spoken in Spain and France. French Basque Country is traditionally subdivided into three provinces: Labourd/Lapurdi Lower Navarre/Nafarroa … Continue reading Basque-ing in the European Sun Addendum

They/Them/Theirs Addendum

If you found our episode on trans language interesting, we have more information below. If you haven’t listened yet, find it here.!fb143 Here are the links we talked about in the episode, written by our guest, Kirby Conrod. How to do the absolute minimum (with pronouns) If you can’t say something nice… (the Language … Continue reading They/Them/Theirs Addendum