The Vocal Fries 2019 Gift Guide

🎉🎊🍟Here are some 🎁 ideas based on our amazing guests! 🍟🎊🎉 For everyone on your list, kids and adults alike! A true Vocal 🍟 fave: The Dictionary of Difficult Words by Jane Solomon For the academics and extreme language nerds in your life: Discourse-Pragmatic Variation in Context: Eight hundred years of LIKE by Dr. Alexandra D'arcy For the language-curious and the … Continue reading The Vocal Fries 2019 Gift Guide

Water is Life Addendum: The Diné Bizaad (Navajo) Verb

As noted on Episode 42: Water is Life, the verb in Diné Bizaad is quite complicated. For example: ch’íshidiniɫdazh ‘someone jerked me outdoors’ This verb is made up of a stem (-dazh) and a bunch of prefixes (things attached to the front of something).                                                                                                          verb stem ch’í                             shi       di                       … Continue reading Water is Life Addendum: The Diné Bizaad (Navajo) Verb


The next addendum was going to mention conjugation (or agreement, as we linguists call it), but I cut it because it's way too complicated. Reading this makes me want to scream but also to maybe add the conjugation back.