Episodes 21-40

Learning to Love Like Megan and Carrie talk with Dr. Alexandra D’Arcy Associate Professor at the University of Victoria, Director of the Sociolinguistics Research Lab and author of “Discourse-Pragmatic Variation in Context: Eight Hundred Years of like” about the many guises of “like”. Learn why “like” is useful and older than you think it is.

There Is No Try, There Is Only Du…olingo Carrie and Megan talk with Joan Palmiter Bajorek, PhD candidate at the University of Arizona, about the issues around learning a second language via educational technology.

Rock ‘N’ Rhotic Megan and Carrie talk with Dr. Bob Kennedy of the University of California, Santa Barbara about accents in song, including which accents are associated with which genres, appropriation of those accents, and r’s.

Bonus episode preview In this special bonus episode, Carrie and Megan talk about Koko the gorilla, Love Island and donuts.

Don’t Mind the Gap Megan and Carrie talk with Dr. Nelson Flores, newly minted Associate Professor of Educational Linguistics at the University of Pennsylvania about the so-called 30 million word gap, why it is problematic, and how better to think about the language children hear around them.

Ope, Just Gonna Sneak Right Past Ya and Grab the Ranch Carrie and Megan talk with Amanda and Lucy from the Wine and Crime podcast about all things Minnesota.

Keep Calm and Fry On Megan and Carrie discuss their first year of podcasting, what they’ve learned from the experience, and how vocal fry will haunt them forever.

Down the Shore Carrie and Megan talk with Lou Capetta of the Lou Capetta Show with Jay Burke about all things New Jersey, including the Sopranos, the Jersey Shore and water ice.

Means Doesn’t Rhyme with New Orleans Megan and Carrie talk with Lisa Sprowls, PhD student at Tulane University about New Orleans English(es), especially Yat and the Garden District dialects, and speakers perception of New Orleans dialects.

Neaux French Left Behind Carrie and Megan talk with Dr. Nathalie Dajko, Assistant Professor at Tulane University, about varieties of French in Louisiana and the history of French and revitalization efforts in the region.

Todos/Todas/Todes Carrie and Megan talk with Dr. Santiago Kalinowski, Director of the the Linguistics Department at the Argentinian Academy of Letters, about lenguaje inclusivo/inclusive language in Spanish.

Bat Signals Megan and Carrie talk all about bats, wolves and … prairie dogs?

Salt Fat Acid SHADE Carrie and Megan answer listener questions about vocal fry, the alt right and jerk linguists.

The Rock was the Rock before the Rock, yes b’y Megan and Carrie talk with Tracy O’Brien about all things Newfoundland.

How Millennials are Destroying the Philly Accent Megan and Carrie talk with Dr. Betsy Sneller, Postdoc at Georgetown University about all things Philadelphia English.

The Latino Threat Narrative Carrie and Megan talk with Dr. Matthew Garley, Assistant Professor at CUNY, York College, about the use of Spanish and Spanglish in rap.

Bilingualism Isn’t Just for White Kids Megan and Carrie talk with Dr. Abby Bajuniemi about heritage languages and heritage language speakers.

Looking Like a Language, Sounding Like a Podcast Megan and Carrie talk with Dr. Jonathan Rosa, Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Linguistics at Stanford University, about his forthcoming book “Looking Like a Language, Sounding Like a Race”.

The Kids are Alright Carrie interviews Megan about child language acquisition and why correcting kids’ “mistakes” is not worth your time.

Beyoncé, Hoodies and Obama Linguistics Carrie and Megan talk with Dr. Nicole Holliday, Assistant Professor of Linguistics and Cognitive Science at Pomona College about Black English, biracial language, vocal fry, intonation, and the field of Obama linguistics.