Episodes 81-100

The Moist Towelette of Podcasts Megan and Carrie talk with Kory Stamper, lexicographer extraordinaire, about lexicography, her experience on the History of Swear Words, and her favourite swear word.

Use People’s Pronouns Carrie and Megan talk with Ártemis López about queer and trans translation and interpretation, indirect and direct non-binary language and Spanish non-binary morphemes.

Standardized Language Ideology Megan and Carrie talk with Drs. Gaillynn Clements, Visiting Assistant Professor in Linguistics at Duke University, and Marnie Jo Petray, Associate Professor in TESOL at Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania, about their new edited volume, Linguistic Discrimination in US Higher Education Power, Prejudice, Impacts, and Remedies.

Jamaalapalooza Megan and Carrie talk with Jamaal Muwwakkil, PhD candidate in Linguistics at the University of Santa Barbara about African American English and racial justice in university and community college.

Hypocritical Oath Megan and Carrie talk with Dr. Elena Costello Tzintzun, a newly-minted PhD, about the importance of using heritage language learners as healthcare interpreters and healthcare accessibility.

Accent-uate Your Performance Carrie and Megan talk with Erik Singer, dialect coach to the stars, about what dialect coaches do, how to become one, and his strategies for teaching different accents to actors.

Cult Classic Megan and Carrie talk with Amanda Montell about her newest book Cultish: The Language of Fanaticism, out June 15, 2021, how cults use language to entice and keep followers and why cults fascinate us.

I Ain’t Messing With You Carrie and Megan talk with Deion Broxton about his Baltimore accent, his career and speech therapy, and going viral.

Maintenance Baes Megan and Carrie talk with the cohosts of Maintenance Phase, Michael Hobbes and Aubrey Gordon, about wellness, diet culture, fatness and how not to be an asshole to fat people.

Me, Myself and AI Carrie and Megan talk with Dr. Emily M. Bender, Professor of Linguistics at University of Washington, about her paper “On the Dangers of Stochastic Parrots: Can Language Models Be Too Big? 🦜”, Google firing Drs. Timnit Gebru and Margaret Mitchell, two of the co-authors, and the dangers of large language models and NLP. We also briefly discuss Lord Digby Jones and his classism and Alex Scott’s amazing comeback.

The Language of Love Megan and Carrie talk with Natalyn Daniels, Clery Liaison at the University of California, Berkeley, and Dr. Rose Wilkerson, lecturer at the University of California, Berkeley, about growing up on the Navajo Nation, transferring to Berkeley from community college, sociolinguistics, academic English, standard language ideology and the language of love. 

Snap, Crackle, K-Pop Carrie and Megan talk with Dr. Joyhanna Yoo Garza, postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Anthropology at Harvard, about KPop, semiotics, cultural appropriation, and Ali Wong.