Episodes with Transcripts

  1. Uppity Women
  2. Foul-Mouthed Women
  3. Southern Fried
  4. Grammar Not-zi
  5. Rez English
  6. A Sirious Problem
  7. Freaky Fryday
  8. Borderlands/La Frontera
  9. ChicaNO? ChicanYES!
  10. Down in the Holler
  11. French (Canadian) Fries
  12. Two Canadians, an Australian and an American walk into a linguistics conference… what is this? A crossover episode?
  13. They/Them/Theirs
  14. We’re Ghana Talk English
  15. Basque-ing in the European Sun
  16. Black Lives Matter
  17. Literally Exploding with Nerd Rage

24. Don’t Mind the Gap (Paid for by Lina Hou)

36. Bilingualism Isn’t Just for White Kids (Paid for by Lina Hou)

58. Putting the Antics in SemAntics

59. Between Iraq and a Hard Place

62. Practice Makes Easier

63. Wikitongues

64. Cheaper than Therapy

65. What’s in a Name

66. Linguistic Injustice

67. Bilingualism is. It just is.