Episode 9: ChicaNo? ChicanYES! Addendum

If you found our episode on Chicano English interesting, we have more information below. If you haven’t listened yet, find it here. What are some of the features of Chicano English? As Dr. Carmen Fought mentioned, many of the features of region- and age-dependent. We briefly discussed vocal fry (but we discuss it more in … Continue reading Episode 9: ChicaNo? ChicanYES! Addendum

Episode 2: Foul-Mouthed Women Addendum

If you’ve listened to our episode about swearing, here are links to the articles, books, etc. we talked about. (If you haven’t, please download it here. And if you like it, please subscribe!) Benjamin K. Bergen says there are four major contributors for swear words: Sacred concepts Sex/sexual organs Things that come out of your … Continue reading Episode 2: Foul-Mouthed Women Addendum