About Us

Carrie is the Language Commission Coordinator for the Squamish Nation, with a longstanding interest in the Indigenous languages of North America. She is the author of The Semantics of Determiners and the co-author of Nominal Contact in Michif.) Carrie worries about linguistic discrimination and the harm it can do to most people. She started this podcast with Megan to convince everyone that linguistic discrimination is just bigotry in a slightly more socially acceptable form. When she’s not tilting at windmills, she’s knitting, cuddling with her cats or reading way too much news.

Megan recently finished her PhD in linguistics at the University of Arizona, where she is currently Project Manager in a language development lab. This podcast is one of the first times her knowledge and skills are proving to be practical. When she’s not writing her dissertation or gently telling people not to be a jerk with Carrie, she’s probably cross-stitching, Netflix-binging, hanging out with her 2 dogs, or sleeping.