Media/Podcast Appearances

The Fries are mentioned in a healthcare blog and in a college blog. We are also mentioned in a chapter on English linguistic online resources.

Carrie and Megan, talking about their podcast journey:

  1. Limited Engagement
  2. Podcasting Couch
  3. Endless Knot
  4. Lou Capetta Show
  5. Get your Wit Together

Carrie and Megan talking about linguistic discrimination and interpretation on the Troublesome Terps

Carrie and Megan talking about their friendship on the Best Forevers Pod


  1. Playlist talking about meaningful songs
  2. Fataliteas talking about Willie Pickton
  3. Talking about words referring to vegan meat on BBC’s The Food Chain
  4. Talking about the fries on VoyagePhoenix
  5. Talking about accents on AllEarsEnglish