John Mary Bill Sue!473b7 Three images Hadas had us look at during the latest episode: Proportion of men vs women as arguments: Proportion of women as arguments over time (look at barely creep up!): Proportion of women as objects over time (ack!):

Tongues Transcript!19229 Carrie Gillon: So, we completely forgot to mention when we recorded our intro, that this is our hundredth episode. Megan Figueroa: I mean, are we just not good at like congratulating ourselves? Oh, I mean, this is a really major milestone. Carrie Gillon: It's a huge milestone. And all I can say as well, … Continue reading Tongues Transcript

The Rock was the Rock before the Rock, b’y Transcript

Carrie GillonHi and welcome to the Vocal Fries Podcast, the podcast about linguistic discrimination. Megan FigueroaI'm Megan Figueroa. Carrie GillonAnd I'm Carrie Gillon. Megan FigueroaAnd we have a corrections corner. [both laugh] Carrie GillonYes, we do. So first actually one of them I think is kind of old. I probably should have talked about it … Continue reading The Rock was the Rock before the Rock, b’y Transcript