Bat Signals Addendum

If you listened to our episode about bat communication, you might want to read the actual science behind animals and animal communication. (And don’t forget to subscribe so you never miss an episode!)!7ac68 Bats communicate (and argue) a lot (original article including supplementary information) Prairie dogs communicate too Alpha wolves don't exist (in the wild) Rats carry … Continue reading Bat Signals Addendum

Todos/Todas/Todes Addendum

In our latest episode, we chat with Dr. Santiago Kalinowski, the Director of the Linguistics Department at the Argentinian Academy of Letters. We get into the topic of lenguaje inclusivo/inclusive language in Spanish.!16a71 Spanish is a “morphologically rich” language… That is to say, unlike English, nouns encode grammatical gender–masculine and feminine–so, any modifying adjectives … Continue reading Todos/Todas/Todes Addendum

French (Canadian) Fries Transcript!038a3 CARRIE: Hi and welcome to the Vocal Fries Podcast, the podcast about linguistic discrimination. MEGAN: I'm Megan Figueroa. CARRIE: And I'm Carrie Gillon and today we have another guest. We're gonna be talking about Canadian French with Dr. Nicole Rosen, who is a Canada Research Chair in Language Interactions at the University of Manitoba. … Continue reading French (Canadian) Fries Transcript