We’re Ghana Talk English Transcript

Carrie Gillon: Hi and welcome to the Vocal Fries podcast, the podcast about linguistic discrimination. Megan Figueroa: I'm Megan Figueroa. Carrie Gillon: And I'm Carrie Gillon. Just a few housekeeping things before we begin. Just a reminder that we have a Patreon now and at different levels you get different rewards. So at the one … Continue reading We’re Ghana Talk English Transcript

Addendum: Bilingualism isn’t just for white kids

This week we chat with Dr. Abby Bajuniemi about Heritage language speakers. Dr. Bajuniemi has a PhD in Hispanic linguistics from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. She is a former professor who has worked directly with heritage language speakers and we were thrilled to have her on the show. Dr. Bajuniemi shared some resources with us … Continue reading Addendum: Bilingualism isn’t just for white kids

They/Them/Theirs Transcript

https://radiopublic.com/the-vocal-fries-GOoXdO/ep/s1!fb143 Megan Figueroa: Hi and welcome to the Vocal Fries podcast. The podcast about linguistic discrimination. Carrie Gillon: I'm Carrie Gillon. Megan Figueroa: And I'm Megan Figueroa. Carrie you just tweeted something amazing from our Vocal Fries Twitter. Carrie Gillon: Might be one of my favorite tweets of all time. So I don't know who … Continue reading They/Them/Theirs Transcript