Down in the Holler Addendum

Hi, all! We hope you enjoyed The Vocal Fries “Down in the Holler”.

Here is some additional information related to the show.

You can find our guest, Dr. Paul Reed, on the web, and on Twitter.

Where is Appalachia? Here is a map of the Appalachian Region so you can see how substantive it actually is. I had no idea! (Although this article points out some flaws in the map below and argues that no one can really agree where Appalachia is.)

In the episode, we asked Dr. Reed about J.D. Vance. I don’t think we actually said the book title on air: Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis. This is not meant as an endorsement, just a clarification.

Are there other books I should read instead? Dr. Reed has some book recommendations if you want to learn more about Appalachia:



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