Addendum: Bilingualism isn’t just for white kids

This week we chat with Dr. Abby Bajuniemi about Heritage language speakers. Dr. Bajuniemi has a PhD in Hispanic linguistics from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. She is a former professor who has worked directly with heritage language speakers and we were thrilled to have her on the show.

Dr. Bajuniemi shared some resources with us that you might find helpful/educational, whether or not you work directly with heritage language speakers.

Dr. Bajuniemi especially recommends the work of Dr. Kim Potowski, Professor of Hispanic linguistics. Dr. Potowski has a list of helpful resources.

Make sure to check out Dr. Bajuniemi’s website for more information on her work. You can also find her on twitter @AbsP.

And please remember that labels are complicated and messy and “heritage language speaker” will have different connotations for different people and those connotations are dependent on a myriad of historical and personal factors. But we should all remember that bilingualism isn’t just for white kids and everyone’s language is valid and important.

Happy New Year!


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