Addendum: On the Basis of Voice

On the latest episode of The Vocal Fries, Megan and Carrie talk with Kelly Wright, PhD student at the University of Michigan, about housing discrimination via dialect discrimination.

You can find more information about Kelly on her website, and you can follow her on Twitter @raciolinguistic.

Listen to her speak about accent and advancement in the American workplace on BBC World Service Weekend Program in August 2018 here.

Watch her 5-minute Linguist breakdown of Covert Segregation: Dialect Discrimination in the Housing Market (She starts at 29:40!)

Here are her slides for her talk about the same topic at the Chicago Linguistics Society.

Finally, here is a link to the results of her survey about attitudes toward African American and Standard American English.

She has shared some book recommendations with us:

Raciolinguistics (Alim Editor)

The Everyday Language of White Racism (Jane H. Hill)

Talkin’ and Testifyin’ (Geneva Smitherman)

Articulate While Black (Smitherman and Alim)




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