Your Language Sounds like it has a Drawbridge

Carrie and Megan talk to Dr Sadie Ryan, host of the Accentricity podcast, the podcast that examines the eccentricities of language and identity and how the way we talk connects to who we are.

5 thoughts on “Your Language Sounds like it has a Drawbridge

  1. Other linguistics and language-related podcasts you might like: Lingthusiasm (, Talk the Talk (, The Allusionist (, The World in Words (, A Way with Words (,Something Rhymes with Purple (, Word of Mouth (, Radio Omniglot ( – my own podcast.


  2. Sadie mentions different words for children in Scots – bairn comes from the Old English bearn, and is cognate with barn in all the North Germanic languages, and in Old Norse ( Wean comes from wee ane (small one) – – one equivalent in Shetland dialect is peerie ting (small thing), which you can see it in the song, and hear at:


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