Reawakening Pentlatch Transcript

Carrie Gillon: Hi and welcome to the Vocal Fries podcast, the podcast about linguistic discrimination. Megan Figueroa: I'm Megan Figueroa Carrie Gillon: and I'm Carrie Gillon. Megan Figueroa: Hello over there. Carrie Gillon: So this has been going on for a while now, but this week, You know, probably be passed. Quebec is probably going … Continue reading Reawakening Pentlatch Transcript

John Mary Bill Sue transcript

Megan Figueroa: Hi, and welcome to the Vocal Fries podcast. The podcast about linguistic description. Carrie Gillon: I'm Carrie Gillon Megan Figueroa: and I'm Megan Figueroa and we're here and we're healthy-ish. Carrie Gillon: Well. I don't seem to have much of the COVID nastiness left behind. I've got other health issues that are boring … Continue reading John Mary Bill Sue transcript

Tongues Transcript!19229 Carrie Gillon: So, we completely forgot to mention when we recorded our intro, that this is our hundredth episode. Megan Figueroa: I mean, are we just not good at like congratulating ourselves? Oh, I mean, this is a really major milestone. Carrie Gillon: It's a huge milestone. And all I can say as well, … Continue reading Tongues Transcript