The Duct Tape of Language!e8e7f You asked for it and it finally happened: the You're Wrong About/Vocal Fries crossover event is here. Carrie and Megan talk with Sarah Marshall about bimbos, vocal fry, the word "like" and many other things.

Make Grammar Cool Again Transcript

Megan Figueroa: Hi, and welcome to the Vocal Fries podcast. The podcast about linguistic discrimination Carrie Gillon: I'm Carrie Gillon Megan Figueroa: and I'm Megan Figueroa. Carrie Gillon: People have wanted us to talk about this because obviously Megan Figueroa: here's the NPR headline: "Michigan prisons ban Spanish and Swahili dictionaries to prevent inmate disruptions." … Continue reading Make Grammar Cool Again Transcript

Reawakening Pentlatch Transcript

Carrie Gillon: Hi and welcome to the Vocal Fries podcast, the podcast about linguistic discrimination. Megan Figueroa: I'm Megan Figueroa Carrie Gillon: and I'm Carrie Gillon. Megan Figueroa: Hello over there. Carrie Gillon: So this has been going on for a while now, but this week, You know, probably be passed. Quebec is probably going … Continue reading Reawakening Pentlatch Transcript