REawakening Pentlatch!07d09 Carrie and Megan talk with the Working Pentlatch Revitalization team (Mathew Andreatta, Jessie Recalma, Chief Michael Recalma, and Dr Su Urbanczyk) about their work on reawakening Pentlatch, a Coast Salish language on Vancouver Island.

Snap, Crackle, K-Pop!98d4a Carrie and Megan talk with Dr. Joyhanna Yoo Garza, postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Anthropology at Harvard, about KPop, semiotics, cultural appropriation, and Ali Wong. (Buy her book here.) We also discuss International Week of Deaf People 2021 and The genocide of signed languages: protecting the linguistic rights of Africa’s deaf children. One of … Continue reading Snap, Crackle, K-Pop

Accent-uate Your Performance Summary Carrie and Megan talk with Erik Singer, dialect coach to the stars, about what dialect coaches do, how to become one, and his strategies for teaching different accents to actors. Check out some of his Wired videos (featuring Megan!) here, here, and here. Megan in the NYT. We're  an indie podcast with limited … Continue reading Accent-uate Your Performance